ID Card Terms and Conditions:

The details provided for the ID cards are not stored or saved by MTM Solutions iCare Medical Cards.  Information will be deleted once the ID has been shipped.

**Information in the county of San Juan, NM or the surrounding cities will be forwarded to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office to be entered into the CIT database.  This database is only accessed by law enforcement officers in San Juan County New Mexico to provide more information to better understand the needs of the citizens they may respond to.  By entering your information in the detail form, you agree that your information will also be entered into the San Juan County CIT database.

All data entered for orders outside of San Juan County will not be forwarded to any entity.  If future orders are needed, the information must be resubmitted as it is not saved.

MTM Solutions iCare Medical Cards will not be held liable for any injury or incident that occurs while using the ID cards.  The information on the ID cards is provided by the consumer for information purposes only.

Call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency