iCare ID Cards for Individuals with Disabilities and Medical Conerns


The Creator of iCare ID Cards is Keri Schrock, CEO of MTM Solutions.

Keri Schrock, is a former 9-1-1 dispatcher, training coordinator, and commander of a tactical dispatch team, who has spent many years passionately preparing others to deal with disasters. Keri believes that in moments of crisis or in emergencies, quick and accurate response time is crucial. So when her young daughter was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, Keri sprang into action to develop an efficient and effective way to get her daughter’s needs into the hands of emergency professionals during an emergency.  

Keri soon realized that these cards could benefit so many others and has been working with local entities to get iCare Cards in the hands of any individuals who need one. 

“We believe that you have the ability to “Manage-the-Moment”