We believe you have the ability to “Manage-the-Moment” in any situation.

iCare ID Cards are for individuals with disabilities in the event of an urgency or emergency. These IDs have critical information that could assist public safety responders during an encounter. Examples could include specific information such as; “I am non-verbal and use my phone to communicate via text, please don’t take my phone away” or, “I have Type 1 diabetes and may appear disoriented when my blood glucose is low “. Emergency contacts are also included.

iCare ID Cards are designed for individuals with a medical condition that might impact their safety while on the job. Having an iCare ID on you at all times would give co-workers or others who make contact with you during a medical crisis additional information to either render aid or provide to the 9-1-1 operator.

Often times, employees may be working in remote areas requiring a longer response time for emergency personnel.  The specific instructions provided by the individual may be simple, yet life saving.

Emergency contacts, medications taken daily, doctor information could also assist during the emergency.

iCare ID for individuals is perfect for people with health concerns such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, stokes and epileptic episodes to name a few where people might not be able to tell them what is going on.

Having your specific needs, medications and explanation of what may be the underlying cause during an emergency will help bystanders and emergency professionals. 

This can give you peace of mind in knowing you are being cared for while not having to rely on memory to provide the necessary information.

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iCare Type 1 Guides are designed to be customized so that you can have peace of mind when your child is with another adult. Not everyone is familiar with Type 1 Diabetes. Having a guide to follow with the child’s specific needs will allow the child some flexibility away from primary caretakers.