iCare Medical Emergency Cards for Type 1 Diabetes


The Creator of iCare Medical Emergency Cards is Keri Schrock.

Keri Schrock, is a 911 dispatcher, training coordinator, and commander of a tactical dispatch team, who has spent many years passionately preparing others to deal with disasters. Keri believes that in moments of crisis or in emergencies, quick and accurate response time is crucial. So when her young daughter was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, Keri sprang into action to develop an efficient and effective way to manage her daughter’s treatment. 


Practicality Based on Experience as a Parent of a Type 1 Diabetic Child


Keri has compiled the vast amount of treatment information given to her by her daughter’s doctors into concise, easy-to-use instructional diabetic guide cards to help manage the care of those diagnosed with diabetes. These cards give peace of mind by providing specific needs of the diabetic for family members, caretakers, and school officials on the individual’s current condition. Keri designed the instructional diabetic guide cards to help keep her daughter healthy but discovered that many others could benefit from this approach to managing diabetes treatment.

After 3 years of successful use of her own instructional diabetic guide cards in treating her daughter’s diabetes, Keri is now making this product available to everybody. These instructional cards are essential for those who are newly diagnosed. If you want to take the stress and guesswork out of effectively caring for yourself or a diabetic—you need these guide cards.





“We believe that you have the ability to manage the moment”