• Type 1 Diabetes

Chronic Life Threatening Illness Emergency Management System on the Go

Personal Chronic Illness ID Cards

Personalized ID cards with specific instructions for each individual to help others assist with needs.  Great for emergency response personnel.

Step-By-Step, Individualized Guide Cards for Diabetes Management in English and Spanish

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Personally Designed for the Patient’s Needs

iCare cards are designed specifically for the patient’s needs, outlining step-by-step plans based on their current medical condition. Personalized information tabs are blank for caretakers to fill in current sliding scale, dosage, emergency contacts as well as daily schedule.  As scale and dosage change, consumers are able to erase and rewrite new information rather than having to purchase another guide.

   iCare Blood Glucose Range Guide for Teachers

Blood glucose guides are a great way for the child’s teacher to know where their levels are throughout the day, and what steps may need to happen based on those levels. (Also available in MMOL Version)                       

iCare Personalized Guides

(Information provided by you for your needs)


Originally developed for her Type 1 Diabetes daughter, iCare Creator, Keri Schrock, has now made the iCare Management system available to everyone world-wide, and new systems, for others chronic or life threatening illnesses, such as Epilepsy, will be available soon.

Learn more about the iCare Chronic Life Threatening Illness Management on the Go System and it’s Developer, by watching our video or by clicking the button below the video.



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